Being a dance teacher I always hear from parents that kid is not getting enough time to have dance practice and struggle with high academic pressure. Time management is the most important part of student life and every student wants to manage it well when they have a lot of things to do in a limited period. The needs and benefits of a timetable all depend on your life, your responsibilities your priorities, your interests, your commitments, and your personality.    Let us discuss some important points which will help you understand the importance of a timetable.

  • A timetable helps us to be more punctual, efficient, and effective: Prevents wastage of time and energy. The timetable shows exactly what is to be done at a particular time. It, thus, directs the attention of the kid to one thing at a time. Thus, one’s energy is automatically directed in a particular direction which prevents wastage of time and energy.
  • Ensures Discipline: Scheduling a timetable will ensure all your activities are listed and thereby ensures time management along with discipline. This also leads to a better focus as the child is concentrating on one task without worrying about others.
  • Helps in the formulation of good habits: A good timetable aids in inculcating the habits of orderliness, punctuality, and steadiness of purpose in children. It ensures regularity and even progress. It develops a methodical attitude towards work among pupils.
  • It makes them responsible: when they are aware of what they have to do and what is the output, kids become more aware and responsible.
  • Reduces stress:  when Kids manage their time well, they are able to finish all their work in time and get time to play with friends or for any other activities which make them happy individuals.

please follow the below article on how you can have a productive timetable.