We have 3 Rituals that are important for Bharatanatyam Dancer. Based on GURU and school these Traditions can be varied.

1. Vaddika Pooja– Ritual or Pooja Ceremony we perform to begin the Dance learning.

2. Gajje Pooja– After this Ritual only the Dancer/learner is officially allowed to wear Gejje (Ghungroo, ankle bells). It will be done When Students finish their Basic Training and attained a good handle on talam(Rhydhm). Gajje Puja is one of the most important events in the life of a dancer. The dancer and the guru offer the Gajje (bells) to Lord Nataraja and pray for his blessings. This way the blessing and energy from Lord Nataraja and the guru embed into the Gajje and transfer to the dancer. A dancer treats these Gajje very sacred and treats them with great respect.  After the Pooja, the student will perform some Dance items as a prayer to god.

At Diksoochi Natyalaya when the teacher feels that the student is ready to take Gajje, we make that student part of yearly Gajje Pooja Celebrations. It’s always a special moment for students, Teachers, and  Parents. We try to make it memorable by making all Diksoochi family part of this Event. To economically make it easy for everyone we organize the event for a group of students, only on few occasions like for online & abroad students it has been done with limited students. The Pooja ceremony can be done at Home, Temple, or any Auditorium with all the required arrangements.

3. Arangetram / RangaPravesha – Dancer’s Solo Bharatanatyam Recital when she is done with her Margam (Margam means a path or a course followed. It is one full definite course wherein dance items are performed in a traditional order. The items that are included are Alarippu, Jatiswaram, Shabdam, Varnam, Padam, Tillana, and Shloka or Verse.) Typically this event will last for 2 to 3 hours and the Dancer will be Danced to Live orchestra. The Pooja ceremony can be done at Home, Temple, or any Auditorium with all the required arrangements. It is based on Student’s and Teacher’s understanding of how they want to organize the event. It can be done simply at Home also. all well-wishers, reputed persons from the know circle and society will be part of this event to bless the Dancer.