Sharing dance is the highest form of Charity – Natya Shastra

Diksoochi Natyalaya – an institute devoted to Dance & Music. Here we teach and perform Bharatanatyam, Karnataka Classical Music, Instruments like Violin & Mrudangam. We started the academy in 2010. The major dance form at our academy is the Indian classical style “Bharatanatyam”.

Dance is not only the media of total enjoyment but also enriches the personality of the students. It helps them by developing various social skills including graceful movements, stage confidence, self confidence as well as social networking skills. It also provides an opportunity to connect and relate to the Indian culture.

Students are trained in the practical aspects of Bharatanatyam, its theory, talam, history, legend and myths. Students are also encouraged to take the KSEE Board Exams in Bharatanatyam and Carnatic Music-Vocal

Eligibility: Age group 5 yrs and above


About Divya Shivanarayan

She is the founder of Diksoochi Natyalaya. She started Diksoochi in 2010. She devotes her time for serious seekers to teach Bharatanatyam. Her vision is to inspire rural kids to learn the divine art form. At Diksoochi she trains talented students in this classical dance form of India and also leads the team of talented trainers / musicians as Creative Head.

She started her Bharathanatyam dancing career at the age of 8. At Diksoochi she spends her quality time in training the senior students & also plays a major role in designing curriculum of various courses.

Diksoochi students have proudly performed at various prestigious Temple Utsavas, Navarathri Celebrations, Cultural and Corporate events.